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During the last 20 years Kjeller Innovation has developed an effective way of working. We guide the innovation process – from an initial idea to a growing company. Our Project Managers constitute a team with wide-ranging expertise and experience from business and industry. We are skilled at obtaining capital, heading business development and preparing IPR strategies. Our ambition is to have technology development and commercial development aiming for the same goals.

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We’re looking for projects with commercial potential and committed, enthusiastic partners.

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A cloud-based service for the handling of sensor-derived data for the measurement of air quality in cars


A new method for measuring hydrocarbons/PAH in water.

Previwo AS

Developing vaccines against winter ulcer and other related diseases in salmon.


Quick method for precise detection of Listeria, 100 times more sensitive than current methods.


New material that can save five times more energy than the material used in today’s lithium batteries.



New technology that can store five times more energy than today’s state of the art.


Development of targeted fish vaccines based on a vaccine platform. The vaccine platform provides flexibility in relation to both diseases and fish species.