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Experience teaches us that the early-stage development of technology-based companies is time consuming, capital-demanding and entails high levels of risk. Unique and robust technology alone is often not enough to guarantee success. At Kjeller Innovation, we have systematically accumulated the skills and expertise needed to assist technology-based companies in the early stages of their development.

We are an active stakeholder and a driving force promoting value generation for the companies in which we invest.

Our role as a participant in early-stage development means that at the next capital-injection stage, we will reduce our holding or relinquish our interest entirely in the companies we have built. An overall plan for Kjeller Innovation’s involvement is prepared at the investment stage. This ensures predictability in relation to our role and puts us in a position to aim for long-term value generation. We aim to be a driving force for effective client focus and activities that facilitate early-stage sales.

We're looking for

We focus on ensuring that the companies we invest in consist of a unique team with a scalable business model. It is important that the company owns, and has the rights to, its technology. Our admission criteria place special emphasis on companies with ambitions to grow and enter the global market at an early stage.

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The Akershus Technology Fund

Early-stage financing is a prerequisite for success if start-up companies are to become competitive in the global market. The Akershus Technology Fund invests in such companies with the aim of providing them with access to capital to facilitate growth and development at a time when it is difficult to obtain risk capital from other sources. The Fund’s portfolio is developed in collaboration with Kjeller Innovation with the joint aims of promoting growth in the companies in which it invests, and generating returns for the fund. Any proceeds are used to make new investments and the set up of new funds.


The Akershus Technology Fund was established jointly by Kjeller Innovation and Akershus County Council in 2008. In 2010 the commercial investment company Norsk Innovasjonskapital (NIK) was established in collaboration with Televenture Management, which currently administers the various NIK funds. The funds NIK II and NIK III were established in 2011, and NIK IV in 2015. The Akershus Technology Fund divested from NIKI in 2014 and made a successful exit.