Idea development

Our aim is to generate value from research. We work actively with our partners to develop ideas, qualify technologies and safeguard IPR.

Project development

We guide the innovation process – from an initial idea to a growing company. We have extensive experience in obtaining project funding and developing business and IPR strategies.

Company development

Kjeller Innovation has established start-up incubators at Kjeller and Ås. We support entrepreneurs in the early stages of company development, and are active drivers on the road towards commercialisation.

Latest news

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  • 30 Jan

    From research to practical digitalisation in record time

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    The start-up Visavi Technology As (VISAVI) is receiving NOK 15 million in new capital from early stage investors Proventure and SINTEF TTO. Visavi has developed a system that...
  • 14 Nov

    Kistefos is investing in Previwo

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    Kistefos does not wish to reveal the amount it is investing, but has made commitments in terms of both funds and company directors at the start-up...
  • 18 Jun

    Kjeller Innovation launches new technology fund

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      Kjeller Innovation has launched a new Technology Transfer fund investing in sustainable technology and deep-tech innovations generated from leading research institutes and universities in the...
  • 25 May

    Ralph W. Bernstein becomes new CEO

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    Ralph W. Berstein will be employed as the CEO of Kjeller Innovation (KI) from August 1st, 2018. He will come to KI after having served as...
  • 16 Jan

    Summer Internship 2018

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    Are you interested in working with innovation and high tech startup companies?   This summer Kjeller Innovasjon invites students or graduates to work with some of...
  • 02 Nov

    Developing smart air quality sensors

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    The research institute NILU is working on projects to measure air quality all over the world. So it’s important that the measuring equipment is accurate, and...
  • 07 Jun

    Improved offshore environmental monitoring

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    Today’s technology is not able to detect leaks at an early stage, hindering continuous monitoring of environmental effects of emissions. In cooperation with Kjeller Innovation, NGI...
  • 10 Feb

    Golden idea is potentially worth billions

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    Start-up company Previwo has developed products which can add billions of kroner to the value of Norwegian farmed salmon, using friendly bacteria to produce millions of...

Aktuelle prosjekter og selskaper

Giamag Technologies AS

A magnetic separator for the more efficient separation of micro- and nanoparticles in connection with materials, apparatus and sensors.


A new method for measuring hydrocarbons/PAH in water.



An operative system for effective cloud computing.

Previwo AS

Developing vaccines against winter ulcer and other related diseases in salmon.


Quick method for precise detection of Listeria, 100 times more sensitive than current methods.


New material that can save five times more energy than the material used in today’s lithium batteries.

Visavi Technology AS

A planning tool for optimal resource utilisation on oil platforms