Our story

Kjeller Innovation is an international organisation uniquely located at the heart of the Kjeller Research Park in Lillestrøm, Norway. We also have close ties to the research and education centre at Ås, south of Oslo, and a number of other research centres in Norway.

Kjeller Innovation is working to generate value from research. Achieving success often means taking risks at an early stage. This requires an ability to recognise good ideas and the needs of the market. Not least, it requires a culture of innovation. Our team believes in teamwork, commitment, know-how, creativity and determination – and a desire for renewal.

During the last 20 years we have developed a unique way of working. We guide the innovation process – from an initial idea to a growing company. Our aim is to establish successful companies providing solutions that society needs. This is how we generate value and leave our mark.


Our team

The Board

Board Chair
Linni Tiller

Board Member
Ann-Kristin Hageløkken

Board Member
Kari Nygaard
Norwegian Institute for Air Research

Board Member
Christian Axel Wig

Board Member
Anne Jorun Aas

Board Member
Hanne Marit Bjørk
Norwegian Defence Research Establishment

Board Member
Nils Morten Huseby
Norwegian Institute for Energy Technology